About Anne Sawyer


Anne Sawyer is an Expert Facilitator and Mediator, Conflict Resolution Trainer and Consultant.  Anne works with individuals, families, educational institutions, small and large groups to support the ability to engage, manage and productively resolve conflicts.  Anne is an expert at conflict assessments which provide insightful analysis which are essential to any conflict management process.  Anne’s expertise ranges from family disputes, prevention, self-mediation, individual coaching, peer to peer mediation and process designs for ongoing resolution and strategies.   Anne has worked with conflicts in a variety of circumstances, including workplace, divorce, post-divorce, settlement negotiations, community and business disputes.

In addition, Anne served for over 6 years as the Executive Director of the Southern California Mediation Association, a non-profit association dedicated to Mediators and mediation education in the Southern California area.  Anne currently serves on the Board of Directors for Kids Managing Conflict.  She has worked collaboratively with a board of directors, volunteers, strategic partners, mediation associations and schools all over California and nationally for over a decade to build a more visible, influential, and resilient mediation sector in California.

Prior to her work as a Facilitator and Mediator, Anne was in the legal field for 30 years as a Certified Paralegal and Law Firm Administrator working in civil litigation and labor and employment arenas.  Anne just recently was awarded a Commendation For Service from Los Angeles County for her dedication and service to the community of Los Angeles.