Creating space for conversation


Conflict is a necessary part of life. The choice is whether to run from it, fight it, or embrace it as a catalyst for change.

ResolveSpace is a team of expert facilitators, mediators, conflict resolution trainers, and consultants who empower others to resolve conflict through conversation, training, and hosted dialogues.

Mediation Confidential conflict consulting, coaching, and mediation services. Facilitation Customized facilitation services for businesses, nonprofits, and executives. Dialogue Professionally organized and planned dialogues relating to issues with conflict or culture in your workplace. Training Hosted trainings on online mediation and facilitation, teambuilding, and conflict resolution.

Slide Led by Anne Sawyer, Expert Facilitator and
Mediator, ResolveSpace is an award-winning team
with over 30 years’ experience.

Anne believes in the transformative power of communication. She approaches conflict as an opportunity for growth and learning, providing clients with not only a resolution, but communication skills that last a lifetime. Teaching, training, and navigating clients through process, dialogue and conflict is her passion.

In addition to her work at ResolveSpace, Anne is active in the community, serving as Lead Trainer and Facilitator for Days of Dialogue Institute for Non-Violence Los Angeles and as Vice President and Lead Peer Trainer for Kids Managing Conflict.

Slide Our mission is to provide a safe and respectful environment for parties to engage in constructive dialogue, resolve disputes, and develop beneficial agreements based on the interests of the parties to gain a broader understanding of each other.

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